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FIC: Learning (HP/SS, ~40 000, NC-17)

Title: Learning

Pairing and rating: Harry/Snape, overall NC-17

Warnings: pre-HBP! This fic was conceived, started and almost finished long before HBP made it into existence. Thus the plot developments taking place in Book 6 are largely ignored.

Disclaimer: No, the boys are not mine. I'm sure that came as a great surprise.

Summary: Dumbledore's dead, and the war is hanging above a chasm of uncertainty. A teacher and a student, as that have always been. But in what discipline?

Author's notes:
First off, much love and gratitude go to my three brilliant betas, ideom, stellahargrove and luci0logy. I know that some of you now hate certain words ('receptor' *g*) because of that fic, but fact is, you did a fabulous job and without you it wouldn't have been readable at all. Thank you!

Second, it goes as a present to kuteki because she was the first to guess the pairing when I asked you to, some time ago.

And third, this is my (if late) birthday treat for all of you. Because chocolates don't travel via cable. *g*

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I would like permission to read this fic.

I'm old - ancient in fact. I've got children older than you. But none of them write such lovely stories!
Aww, ancient. Rubbish :) You don't sound old enough to have children older than me! :g: But you *are* well versed in the Slytherin ways...

You should be able to read it now, because I've added you to the appropriate filter. Have fun! (And tell me what you think.)