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FIC: "The Lies We Tell Ourselves" NC-17

This was originally written as a pinch hitting assignment for the wizard_love community.

Title: "The Lies We Tell Ourselves" (1/1)
Author: _starcrossed_
Rating: NC-17 for smutty content
Pairing: Snape/Tonks
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: The Harry Potter novels and all of the characters contained therein belong to the very talented J.K. Rowling. I merely borrow them from time to time for my own stories. I write this stuff for pleasure, not profit, and no copyright infringement is intended.

“Oh, merciful Circe,” Snape hissed as his cock was enveloped in the most incredibly warm, not to mention the most undeniably talented mouth ever. Of course, it was the only mouth that he had ever had the pleasure of being inside, and so perhaps that had something to do with it.

His potion stained fingers reached down to entangle in the soft pink hair belonging to the woman currently sucking his prick as if it were a deliciously tasty lolly from Honeydukes. He wondered why after all this time, she still appeared before him with her pink hair and her violet eyes, and for not the first time, he found he was curious as to what she really looked like.

And then she ran her wicked tongue along the sensitive vein on the underside of his cock, and he promptly lost the ability to think at all.

“Hells bells, woman!” he hissed. “If you keep that up, you will unman me.”

Snape tugged on her hair with a gentleness that belied his gruff nature. “I am most certain that we can come up with a far better place for me to spend my seed, don’t you?”

Tonks rocked back on her heels, her violently violet eyes twinkling as she stared up at him, and she slowly released his cock, the corners of her mouth turning up in a saucy grin. She rose to her feet in one surprisingly fluid move, somehow managing not to stumble or lose her balance, and she leaned forward to brush her lips over his.

“You are mighty presumptuous there, Professor Snape,” she teased. “Whatever makes you think that I’m going to let you stick that randy fellow inside my quim?”

He came as close as he ever did to smiling, and arched one thick black eyebrow. “Is that not what you came here for, Nymphadora, same as always? You show up, you seduce me, perform all manner of erotic tricks upon me, and the end result is always that we fuck. Are you trying to say that today is different?”

Snape watched her carefully, noting the play of emotions across her pretty heart-shaped face, and he could almost see the internal battle waging within her. The first time that she had appeared in his private office after hours, he had simply believed that she had taken a wrong turn and ended up in the dungeons somehow. He had been prepared to give her directions on how to find her way back up to the main floor when he had promptly found himself with an unexpected lapful of warm woman; a warm, soft woman who was entangling her fingers in his black hair and devouring his mouth as if to eat him whole.

To say that his sexual experience prior to her was limited would be a vast understatement. Snape was not a virgin, but his past sexual encounters had consisted of exactly two, both of them unspectacular and over much too quickly for his liking, yet he had counted himself lucky to even have had those.

And so, on that dreary winter evening when this enchanting young creature had offered herself to him, he had not refused, nor had he stopped to question her motivation. With her guidance, he had fucked her twice that first evening, once with her seated atop his desk, her long, toned legs wrapped around him as she diddled herself, and the second with her bent over his desk as he took her hard and fast from behind.

Soon, winter had melted into early spring, and still she continued to come to him. There was no regularity to her appearances, no guarantees from one time to the next that she would show up again, and yet, she always did, or at least she had so far. He didn't even wish to give thought to the possibility that these sessions might end one day as suddenly and unexpectedly as they had begun.

"Oy!" Her cry brought him back to reality, and he turned his gaze upon her only to discover that she had somehow undressed without him having been aware of it, and she now stood before him in all of her glory. Oh, dear gods, she was pinching her nipple with the fingers of one hand, while her other hand was buried between her creamy thighs, her thumb occupied with diddling her clitoris while three of her fingers were thrusting in and out of her warm snatch.

When she realized that she had his full and undivided attention once more, a sly smile spread on her face. "Do you like to watch?" She pinched her nipple just a bit harder, even as her trio of fingers continued moving in and out of her.

"What kind of preposterous question is that?" he snarled. "Do you even have to ask, you wanton little minx? Gods and giants, your mother named you appropriately. You are a nymph; a creature straight out of mythology, come to beguile and seduce this lonely old man, and ply him with your sexual charms."

"I haven't heard you complain," she teased him. Freeing her hands from their previous tasks, she took a step toward him, cupping his face in both her hands to hold it in place as she dove in for a deep, hungry kiss. Her hand moved between them, her slender fingers wrapping around his cock and pumping it as her tongue mapped his mouth.

Just when he thought that his lungs would burst from lack of oxygen and he was convinced that she meant for him to come from her jacking him off, Tonks pulled back, releasing both his mouth and his cock, and she changed their positioning until she was the one with her back against the hard stone wall. With a leg that moved forward to rest on the bony jut of his hip, she pulled him to her and wrapped her hand around his prick once again, this time guiding it to her warm, wet entrance. With a slight forward tilt of her hips, he found that he was sliding into her, and he braced his hands on either side of her head, pushing his own hips forward to continue the journey.

She brought her other leg up to hitch over his hip, and then wrapped both of her long legs around his waist, her hands moving to his shoulders for leverage as she started to move up and down on his now fully encased cock. Her eyes closed and she let her head loll back against the wall.

"Fuck me," she urged him in a breathy little whisper. "Fuck me, Severus. Fuck me now, fast and hard, up against this wall. Fuck me until you make it all go away."

This right here, this last sentence she had uttered, was as close as she ever got to revealing to him her true reasons for coming here. He could never be sure what exactly she was trying to escape from, though he had a faint idea, or why it was that she had chosen him as a means of escaping, however temporarily, from whatever demons plagued her.

Severus was not, however, a good man, nor a necessarily kind one. Morals and ethics were for do-gooders and cowards, and he was neither. What he took from her was what was freely offered to him, no more and no less. If it made him a sinner, he didn't give a damn, and if hell actually existed, then his place there had long ago been secured for transgressions far worse than fucking this lovely creature.

With his hands still anchored against the wall, he began thrusting, in and out, hard and fast, just as she'd requested of him. He wished that she would open her eyes and look at him, that she would acknowledge that it was he who was fucking her, rather than whomever she was fantasizing about in her pretty little head. Ducking his head, careful to maintain his balance, lest he risk tumbling them both to the floor, he was able to take one pert, hard nipple into his mouth, and he bit it lightly with blunt teeth, a trick that she had taught him.

That got her attention and her eyes flew open, her hands moving to entangle in his hair and hold his head in place, silently encouraging him to repeat the action, first on that same nipple, and then on its twin. Only when he had her gasping and mewling did he finally raise his head up to look at her. The moment his dark eyes met her light ones, she tried to close hers.

"No, don't," he commanded in a quiet, silky voice. "Look at me, Nymphadora. Look at me as I'm fucking you. I want you to look at me and know who it is that's fucking you."

Surprisingly enough to both of them, she listened to him, keeping her eyes open and fixed on his, and pleased by this, Severus resumed his thrusting. He had been close before when she had been sucking him, and the fast, hard thrusts of a few minutes ago had renewed his lust, bringing him close to the edge, and he knew it would not take much more for him to climax.

"Touch yourself," he ordered in that same silky voice. "Sweet Merlin, woman, touch yourself with those clever fingers of yours and come for me, come around me."

Nodding her pink head, her eyes still watching his face, she moved one hand between their bodies, down to just above where they were joined, and she slid two fingers between her slick folds, rubbing her clit with a practised ease.

"That's it," he hissed as he resumed thrusting inside her warm quim. Pulling back, he thrust in hard and fast, eliciting a gasp from her. He did it again, garnering the same reaction. "Come," he chanted with another hard thrust.

With a cry of pure pleasure, she shook and shuddered, her pussy clenching almost impossibly tight around his cock. With all of that delicious heat surrounding him, it only took a couple more thrusts before he was burying his face in her sweet-smelling neck as he spilled inside of her.

They remained locked together for long moments after that as they each regained their breath, and eventually, he felt her legs unwrap from around his waist and back, as she regained her feet. He pulled back, slipping out of her, and after allowing himself a moment to drink in just how beautiful she was with a light sheen of sweat coating her slightly flushed skin, her breasts heaving gently, and a look of having just been well fucked on her face, he turned from her to find his discarded clothing.

"You should get dressed and go," he replied with his back to her as he pulled on his trousers. "I have papers to grade. You cannot continue to come here on a whim and expect that I shall drop everything to attend to you. I have a job here and responsibilities."

Behind him, he could hear her gathering up her clothing and putting it on, though she said not a word.

"What I am trying to say, Nymphadora, what I am trying to make clear to you is for you not to return unless it is truly me that you wish to fuck. I won't be a substitute for him, not any longer, nor a means of getting back at him for not wanting you." Snape turned to look at her as he worked the buttons on his white shirt. "Though he is a damned fool for not wanting you, I won't have you anymore either, not unless you put him behind you."

Tonks had managed to dress fully while his back had been turned, and gathering up her boots, she turned to go, a sad look in her eyes.

As he watched her leave, he experienced a pang of regret, and couldn't help but wonder if she would indeed return, praying fervently all the while that she would.


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