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Welcome to the Restricted Section of LiveJournal.com. You have stumbled upon the most dangerous and delirously delicious works published by LiveJournalers like yourself.

We, like many of the LJ community, enjoy the Harry Potter series. In fact, we enjoy Harry Potter so much, we've taken to creating our own works of art set in the Wizarding World.

In this community, we share works of fan fiction, or fan art, or whatever, without any qualms, and without the worry that we may offend some fragile fan of Harry Potter.

As a member of restrictsection, you can be free to post anything you would like. But there are rules, as there always should be. If you do not comply, we reserve the right to expell you from the community. Not knowing the rules is not a valid excuse. Make sure to check back from time to time and refresh your memory.

1. First and foremost, as this community contains explicit materials, we ask that our members be above the legal age in their country. For most places, that is 18 years of age. If you are not 18, do not bother with the rest of this info page, as you will be expelled.

2. You must put any story or fan art behind a lj-cut tag. This is because we do not want to clog our members' friends pages. Also, said stories and art may be of an explicit nature.

3. Please know that the stories and art posted within these electronic walls are not limited to heterosexual content. You may find a thrilling tale of how Harry Potter ended up in bed with Ginny Weasley in one post and in the very next post you could see him rolling in the grass with Draco Malfoy. If you are not thrilled by slash fiction, do not read it. If het fiction isn't your speed, do not read it.

4. There will be NO flaming of any kind. You will be expelled from the community quicker than you can say "Quidditch."

5. Always post a header for each story and piece of art. These headers must include the following:

Possible Spoilers:

We all know that J. K. Rowling is the original creator of the Harry Potter world, however, to make sure we cover our legal behinds, each piece posted should contain a disclaimer. No disclaimer, you'll be expelled. Period.

Warnings should be included for "outrageous" content, which includes, but is not limited to: rape, underage sexual content, suicidal content, murderous content, and other things of similar nature. No warning, you'll be expelled. Period.

6. There shall be no posting of ads for anything. There are LiveJournal communities created for the sole purpose for pimping your communities, challenges, ficathons and other such things. Go there to do it.
(Pimping communities: livejourn_pimps for anything, or hprpgpromotions for RPGs.)

7. Please try to stay on-topic within the community. We don't need to know that your second cousin's best friend Louise just had septuplets. Keep posts Harry Potter-related.

Now that you know the rules, join and enjoy. Feel free to post anything you want. And enjoy yourselves!

Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus!

We are not in any way affiliated with restrictedsection.org.

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